Sunday 27 September 2020

Tsiropinas Mansion (in Posidonia)

DISTANCE : 2.500m running – 1.000m swimming – 2.500m running

VENUE: L.C. of Poseidonia – Fetouri Beach

DATE: Sunday 27 September 2020


START and FINISH: L.C. of Poseidonia – Fetouri Beach

ROUTE: The running will take place on a guarded public road and the swimming at Fetouri beach – triangle route delimited by buoys.

MAXIMUM DURATION: 1 hour and 30 minutes

GROUP PARTICIPATION : There is an option for group participation (2 people)

PARTICIPATION LIMIT : 50 individuals και 10 group participations

In case that the water temperature is lower than 16oC the distance will be differentiated as follows: 1000m swimming (with a diving suit) – 5000m running


  • Start

    L.C. of Poseidonia – Fetouri Beach

  • Part 1

    2.500m running to Fetouri beach

  • Part 2

    1.000 swimming

  • Part 3

    2.500μ running from Fetouri Beach to the finish point

  • Finish

    L.C. of Poseidonia – Fetouri Beach